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April 24, 2010

How to groom your dog using clippers

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The first thing you should do before grooming your dog is collect all the grooming equipment you will need, including professional dog grooming clippers. Once you have your supplies on hand, you need to wash the canine and make sure the coat is completely dry. Never cut a dog’s coat if it is dirty or wet, because you could damage your grooming equipment. Start slowly with the professional dog grooming clippers so your dog becomes accustomed to the sound and vibration of the clippers. Hold the cutting edge at an angle when pressing it into the fur and make a clean downward stroke. When you’ve finished cutting the fur, make sure you clean and oil the blades of the clipper.

December 21, 2009

Dont Let Crawl Spaces Dry Out

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A crawl space is a narrow space in your house, usually located either in the basement or the attic, which allows repairmen access to your wiring or plumbing.  But a crawl space can also hike a homeowner’s energy bills since heat and cold can be lost through the floor or ceiling, forcing the cooling or heating system to work harder.  A crawl space can also retain moisture, resulting in mold which can cause health problems.  If they’re in the basement, the crawl space can cause your floor to become noisy because there’s nothing to absorb all that sound. All these reasons are why it is vitally important to install crawl space insulation in your house.

How you install crawl space insulation depends on whether your crawl space is ventilated or unventilated.  Usually, building codes demand that crawl spaces are ventilated in order to prevent moisture from building up inside. However, building professionals have since come to realize that it is best to either build unventilated crawl spaces or to shut the vents after allowing the crawl space to dry out when construction is finished.  During the winter, a ventilated crawl space is hard to heat, and in the summer, moist air can become trapped inside of the crawl space and make your moisture issues worse, instead of dehumidifying the space. It’s much easier to install insulation in unventilated crawl spaces.

First, you need to figure out who’s going to install the insulation: you can get professional workers to do it, but you might feel that you can do it yourself. If you have to do the crawl space insulation by yourself, make sure to take precautions.  Make sure you wear a long-sleeved shirt, safety gloves, and protective goggles. The material you’ll need is Batt insulation, which is inexpensive, and which has either an R-value of 10 (for a ventilated space) or 20 (for an unventilated space). The R-value determines the insulation’s effectiveness, so the higher, the better.

To avoid drafts, seal up any gaps, spaces or openings before you install the insulation in your crawl space. If you have an exterior crawl space entry, you may even want to consider sealing it up and creating an entry in your home. You should also consider moisture control measures.  To keep soil moisture from below from creeping up into your crawl space, use a single layer of vapor barrier on the floor.

For an unventilated crawl space, insulation only needs to be installed in the walls of the foundation. But if it is ventilated, you may also have to place crawl space insulation into the cavities underneath the floor.  If you have pipes inside of your crawl spaces, they’ll need to be covered in a layer of insulation so that they do not put out heat or freeze.

The installation of crawl space insulation can be a crucial improvement to your home. If done properly, aside from saving on energy costs, it can also make your home more comfortable.

December 4, 2009

Don’t You Just Love Tiles

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Discount porcelain tile is becoming popular.  The material’s great quality is why. Porcelain is made from a finely ground sand.  The processing of porcelain includes pressure and exceedingly high temperature.  The processing ensures a tile that is dense and glass-like, with less than 0.5% water absorption. This is what makes the outstanding qualities of a porcelain tile.

Many consumers have noticed porcelain’s reinvention. So more homeowners choose to use porcelain in their homes. There are many color and design choices available to home owners with porcelain. Some porcelain’s top surface can be compared to other glazed ceramics. Glossy polishing will fashion a colored finish. This is another quality that makes porcelain terrific.  These great qualities might lead you to believe that porcelain tiles cost a lot. Some porcelain tiles can be very expensive running around $520, but it is not difficult to find stores that specialize in discount porcelain tile.

Demand is increasing for porcelain tiles, letting manufactures mass produce. Investors have put money into the industry because a lot of homeowners use porcelain tiles in their own home. There is also a hygienic advantage. It is easy to maintain the material. Build up of elements like fungus, mould, mildew and the related microbe is really not probable.  That also preserves your tiles and guaranteeing its longevity.  The longevity of tile is another popular selling point.

Discount porcelain tile can be found in certain shops, but usually the discounts are at manufacturing depots. The manufacturers have online websites. So you can just check them out.  Compare the prices and deals, designs and colors.

Discount porcelain tile is not being sold because it has poor qualities or did not pass the quality control.  The discount porcelain tile is in the same condition as what shops and depots sell. The discount porcelain tile is just as durable and consistent, but much cheaper. Many manufacturers deliver for free. Purchasing discount porcelain tile in bulk will also save you money.

Also, by buying discount porcelain tile, your budget isn’t stretched just from one area of the house to another. The cost to do one bathroom at regular price can take care of two bathrooms at discount prices.

Discount porcelain tile will require a special tool for installation. Special cutting materials are needed due to the density and strength of the tiles. You need some skills to shape your discount porcelain tile, but there are tricks so it’s not so hard to fit your discount porcelain tile to your floor or wall. Yes.  You did not misunderstand. You can use porcelain tiles on walls too, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Gas Or Electric Stoves For The Masses

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Large purchases, like a new stove, should not be taken lightly. The styles and features are so numerous that it can make shopping a nightmare.  It is a great idea to sit down and think about the features that you really want and need before starting to look.   It is okay to like stoves that have new features you didn’t even know you wanted, but try to gather as much information about them before you purchase one to make sure that it is something that you want.  The more extra features your new stove has the more expensive it will be.

The first thing most people worry about is what color the new stove should be.   If you are planning on changing the color of your appliances then you might start doing so when they begin to break down.   Some people love stainless steel, while others prefer a simple white or like the idea of all black appliances.  Many models can be ordered in a variety of colors, but some are limited, so it is a good idea to investigate this matter first. After you have settled on the color, then you can begin to consider the most important features to you and your needs. The first thing most people decide is whether to get a gas heating stoves or electric model.  This is based on personal opinion.  One reason some people prefer is gas is that they will still be able to use their stove in the event of a power outage, and others would rather use electricity to avoid an extra bill and the possibility of a gas leak.  Some people like the look of the raised coils while others do not.

You also have the choice between a convection oven or a conventional oven.  Convection ovens cook quicker since they spread the heat evenly throughout the oven, rather than a single heat source.  If your baking meat, the meat will taste better because of the convention type heating system, however for general baking conversions need to be made on baking time and sometimes that can be inconvenient to do.  Newer stoves come with the option to have a flat cooking surface on your range, or the old fashioned coil elements. The coil element should last a long time, but they can be replaced if they shut down.  It is easy for food to spill below them which can make it difficult to clean.  Ceramic topped ovens are beautiful additions to any kitchen, and they prevent food dropping into the stove, but you must clean meticulously after each use and avoid scraping the surface. In other words, if you do not clean messes immediately, you run the risk of scratching the surface while trying to lift dried or caked on messes.

Remember to take accurate measurements of the height, width and depth of the store you like to make sure that it will fit into your space. keep in mind the features that you will actually use so you are not paying for extra things.  Stores are always having sales so you can wait to see if the one you like comes on sale, or just pick one that already is.   Floor models can also be cheaper and have not been used so are in excellent condition.

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